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The Invited First One-Sheet Poster

Truly haunting and visceral The Invited launched some early promotional material while at the American Film Market. As can be seen left Ryan McKinney uses the visual sphere to excite the mind! A slick look with an even slicker trailer The Invited was made for approximately five million dollars and stars Lou diamon Phillips, Megan Ward, and Pam Grier. Enjoy the first for The Invited provided through Peak Global Entertainment inside.

A short synopsis for The Invited here:

"A young married couple who are pregnant with their first child move into their turn-of-the-century home where they discover that a great evil has resided for nearly a century, unleashed by a previous occupant."

Director/writer: Ryan McKinney.

Cast: Megan Ward, Pam Grier, and Lou Diamond Phillips.

Prepare yourself for ghosly visitations in this original looking trailer:

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