32nd Durban International Film Festival to hold Special Focus on Indian Independent Cinema

There is a special focus on “India Independents” at the 32nd Durban International Film Festival (Diff), which will run from July 21-31, 2011.

“The remarkably diverse cinema of India is celebrated at Diff this year, with a focus on both the classic and the daringly contemporary,” reads the official website of the festival. As part of the special focus, the festival will present a Satyajit Ray Retrospective along with new works by fresh Indian talents.

The six Ray films to be screened are: Pather Panchali, Aparajito, Charulata, Kapurush, Ghare Baire and Ray’s final film, Agantuk.

Leena Manimekelai’s film The Dead Sea will have its World Premiere at the African festival. Diff describes the films as “a haunting and powerful film about the lives of Tamil fishermen and the difficulties they faced during the Sri Lankan war. The resulting blend of fiction and documentary is a powerful protest against the

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