Today's Vision of Tomorrow: Circulation Stats, News Corp. Say Bits Replace Ink for Newsprint

Remember back in olden days when a story would break and the chief at the local daily would yell, "Stop the presses!" Well, they've finally stopped. And in the future, most of our newspaper content will be delivered via digital tech. Here are the stories today that point the way:

Newspaper Circulation Lower Than You Think

Some of the information that supports the notion that newspaper readers are abandoning their paper-and-ink copies comes from the Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC), a body that keeps track of certain newspaper circulation numbers. Ironically, they're showing increases in circulation, but as a piece over at BusinessWeek has just highlighted, it's the result of new accounting procedures that could be masking a drop-off in newspaper sales that's worse than you might think.

In April the ABC changed its rules on how publications can count digital versus physical subscriptions--beforehand newspapers could only count each subscriber

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