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Episode Recap: Castle - 1.02: "Nanny McDead"

Castle (Nathan Fillion) has to sign waivers to work with Beckett (Stana Katic) , so that no one; including "My lifeless body, can sue the city." Beckett just wants to shoot him now. That's another comment about wanting to shoot him, last episode she said she has a gun. Must be trigger happy. She has a case and he's got paperwork. Now did she seriously think she could elude him, it's like Castle's got eyes and ears everywhere. A nanny is found in the dryer and Beckett notices the bleach bottle and blood on the floor. He's already there, as Castle says she thought she'd given him the slip. Never. And refers to the Db as 'Nanny Mcdead'. Beckett is his inspiration and he doesn't know when inspiration will strike (usually at the end of the episode when he actually gets to write.) Well inspiration is a slow process and

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