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Saved By The Bell Vs Beverly Hills 90210 – 2011

It's a battle that has raged on since Tiffani "I'm not Amber anymore" Thiessen stopped adding Saved by the Bell credits in 1993, and started picking up Beverly Hills 90210 credits in '94. Valerie/Kapowski kicked things off, and the cage match has been firing on all cylinders ever since. Sometimes Bell seemed to have the upper hand, but for quite a while Hills was the clear front-runner. Often, it was hard to tell who was pulling ahead, and who was digging a bigger hole.

It looked like Hills was destined to take a quick lead, and might never look back, because it had all the attention on its names, and Bell had Showgirls. A film so bad that it became one of the best bad movies of all-time, and its recent home video release includes a commentary track by someone who managed semi-pro status simply as a person who made fun of Showgirls.

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