Video: When Captain Kirk saved Batman

This one has to be seen to be believed. 

io9 pointed me to this bit of TV history, where William Shatner stared in a pilot for... wait for it... an Alexander The Great TV series. Yup. Blond Bill played the Macedonian Mauler, riding forth across the plains of Persia (i.e. Malibu, CA) with his vast army (of about 10 extras from Central Casting) in hot pursuit of the evil scourge of humanity, Darius the Great. 

Hmm.... did everyone in ancient times go by "the great"?

Adam West, of Batman fame, also has a sizable role in the series, playing one of Alexanders friends, confidants and loyal generals. The whole series even starts off with Shatner saving West from the evil clutches of the Persians.

Besides seeing The Shat with a blond die job and watching him overact when hot water is poured into his bath -- oh yes, you must

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