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Short Films: There ain’t no producers!

Short Films: There ain’t no producers!

The Eclipse of Taregna

When Rakesh Chaudhary met a bigshot Bollywood producer to narrate his short film idea of The Eclipse of Taregna, the producer asked him– “What’s a short film!”. After meeting many such producers, Chaudhary ended up self-financing his film with the help of a cinematographer friend and the film went on to win the grand jury prize for the best short film at the Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles in April this year.

It wasn’t any easy for a Mumbai-based film editor Vinoo Choliparambil when he decided to turn director with his short film Vitthal. It was year 2008 and Vinoo had been working in the film industry for five years and had edited films like Ram Gopal Varma’s Phoonk 2.

No producer was interested in producing Vinoo’s film and finally he had to go the independent way. He put in all his savings

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