'Sisk' Scheduled for January Shoot, Cunningham to Star

Parallel Films' 'Sisk' is expected to start shooting in January 2010. Also known as 'Day of Rest', the film will star Ifta winning actor Liam Cunningham (Hunger, The Guard) and is scheduled for a Dublin shoot in the New Year with writer/director Brian O'Malley at the helm. 'Sisk', a feature length thriller-drama, is written by Brian O'Malley (Screwback), Mark O'Rowe (Perrier's Bounty) and Terry McMahon (Fair City) and will be directed by Brian O'Malley. 'Sisk' follows the final days of reformed Irish gangster Harry Sisk on his returns to Dublin after 30 years in the Us. Though he wishes to leave his criminal past behind him his old enemies force him back into the underworld he left behind and Harry becomes embroiled in their bitter feud with the Chinese mafia. The film is currently still in development and it is to be produced by Alan Moloney (Breakfast on Pluto) and Susan

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