Cold Prey's Roar Uthaug Goes Home For The Holidays.

I would like you to ask yourself two questions.  First, if you are the director of the first slasher in Norway's history, a film that became a huge financial success and helped spark a surge of genre pictures out of the Nordic region, what do you do next?  And second, what movie somehow managed to beat out the behemoth that is 2012 on opening weekend in Norway.  The answer to both questions is the same and it is surprising.

The director is Roar Uthaug, a man who - for very good reason - was in very high demand after the success of Fritt Vilt (or Cold Prey), fielding lucrative offers from around the globe.  But he didn't want to make any of those films.  And he didn't want to follow up Cold Prey with another horror picture, either.  No, what Uthaug was stay at home and make something family-friendly with his wife.

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