Ross from "Friends" Is Going to Direct a Movie Based on the Greatest Muckraking Novel Ever BOOOOOYz

Hey, remember that awesome time back in the 19 Double Os in that quaint little area of Chicago, where all the immigrant men got together and engaged in God's work, the backbreaking labor in unventilated rooms, standing on floors knee deep in blood, urine, meat scraps, and foul water. And how they even brought their wives and children, who helped out 14 hours a day, making sausage and canning meat for whopping 9 cents an hour! And remember the lost fingers, the skin disease, and tuberculosis, and the spitting up of blood! And how there were no toilets, so workers just pissed on the bloody floor! All in the vicinity of the meat the rest of America ate. Those were the days! Oh, and oh! Remember that guy who fell into the lard vat? And spent days in the vat until he was fished out, and there was nothing left but bones? And

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