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What Are The Women Directors Doing? Current Sci-Fi, Horror, And Fantasy You Want To Know About

So, you normally don't hear about what women are directing in horror, sci-fi, and fantasy? That's because other assholes don't write about it. Only this asshole does. And there's a lot of new films projects you'll want to check out, if you're a real fannerd.

Aside from German-language release Lollipop Monster by Franziska Riemann and Larysa Kondracki's thriller in mainstream theaters, The Whistleblower, there's a bunch of shit to check out this summer.

Also in theaters is director/writer Miranda July's fantasy film The Future (see our review) opening on August 5th, 2011. This is July's second feature as director, the first being Me and You and Everyone We Know, which everyone who loves arty movies said was amazing. There's a talking cat and romance and a goregous beauty to The Future. Watch the stunning trailer:

At the end of August, 2011, FrightFest UK in London is screening Emily Hagin's

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