Ironclad (review)

What did Bad King John do after signing the Magna Carta, agreeing to let his aristocratic vassals rein in his power? He didn’t go to Disneyland, if you thought that was it. Nope: he almost instantly turned around and tried to smite the bastard barons who dared to defy him. The year is 1215, John is fighting back, and a small band of hearty warriors hole up in Rochester Castle with its lord (Brian Cox: Red) at the ass end of John’s kingdom, while they wait for French reinforcements. Ironclad is the true-ish story of an English Alamo, when fewer than 20 men (and a few women) held off King John and his army of Danish mercenaries for longer than anyone imagined they could. That really happened. It’s probably not the case that its nominal leader was a disillusioned Templar conflicted over both God and war who seethed and

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