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The Frankenstein Syndrome (Review - New to video this week)

2010 - 90 mins. - Rated R

D: Sean Tretta

C: Patti Tindall, Scott Anthony Leet, Tiffany Shepis, Louis Mandylor, Ed Lauter, Noah Todd, Joe Ricci, Sebastian Kunnappilly, Zena Otsuka, Jonathan Northover, David C. Hayes, Richard Anderson, Kevin Tye, Michael Tassoni  

Group of scientists discover a method of reanimating the dead through stem cell research that results in a gunshot victim being brought back to life, but things go awry as he takes on violent tendencies.

Muddled, though intriguing film introduces Tiffany Shepis as the narrator and lead character of the film. However, her character isn't as instrumental to the story as some of the other characters and she ends up fading into the background for most of the second half. Still, she turns in one of the best performances of her career, to date. The story charts into standard stalk and slash in the last act. And the overall story doesn't feel complete.

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