Anarkali actress Bina Rai passes away

Legendary actress Bina Rai, who won the Filmfare award for her performance in 'Ghunghat' (1960), died of cardiac arrest here Sunday.She is survived by two sons - Prem Kishan and Kailash Nath. She was married to actor Prem Nath, who was well-known filmmaker Raj Kapoor's brother-in-law.Bina, who went on hunger strike to convince her parents to allow her to act in movies, entered Bollywood with director Kishore Sahu's film 'Kali Ghata' in 1951. Later she featured in movies like 'Vallah Kya Baat Hai' (1962), 'Bandi' (1957), 'Changez Khan' (1957), 'Durgesh Nandini' (1956), 'Marine Drive' (1955) and 'Aurat' (1953). But she is still remembered for her roles in 'Anarkali' (1953) and Taj Mahal' (1963).Her last film was L.V. Prasad's 'Daadi Maa' that was released in 1966.Her son Prem Krishen, who had tried his luck in Hindi films with 'Dulhan Wohi Jo Piya Man Bhaye',

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