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Nick Jr. Teaches Preschoolers Sign Language With New Series "Signing Time"

Nick Jr. is airing a new series that is helping to teach preschoolers sign language. "Signing Time" premieres on Wednesday, December 9 on Nickelodeon's 24-hour commercial-free educational network.

"Signing Time" is the network's first interstitial music series that reaches children with diverse learning styles and abilities by encouraging interaction through signing, singing, speaking and dancing. The series will teach American Sign Language (Asl) vocabulary-building signs that are helpful in daily life.

There will be three videos that star Emmy-nominated Rachel Coleman. The videos will be in a regular rotation on Nick Jr. airing 1-2 times per day. Two additional videos will be featured on

The videos airing on Nick Jr. will include "In a House," which introduces the signs for different family members, "Feelings," which teaches signs for feelings and "Groove with Me," which shows signs for activities such as jumping, swimming, dancing and running.

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