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Today in Soap Opera History (July 14)

On this date in...

1984: Y&R's Jeanne Cooper (Katherine) was supposed to begin a two week tour of Ontario on this day but had to cancel when she was hospitalized after accidentally drinking coffee that contained a cleaning solution.

1986: On Santa Barbara, former nun, Mary Duvall McCormick (Harley Jane Kozak), was killed by having a giant neon letter "C" (for "Capwell" atop the Capwell Hotel) land on her while she was standing on the hotel roof.

1992: Patsy Pease returned to Days Of Our Lives as Kimberly.

1995: Loving began implementing changes that would ultimately lead to a transformation to The City.

1999: The character of Charity Standish debuted on Passions played by Molly Stanton.

2005: Terri Garber debuted on As The World Turns as Iris Dumbrowski.

2008: The mood turned tense at Bridget and Nick's garden wedding at the Marone estate on The Bold And The Beautiful when Katie momentarily interrupted.

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