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‘Journey’: Clones Run Wild in Pay-Per-View Web Series

"It was to be the greatest experiment ever attempted…to restore the Egyptian people, power and culture from long ago, but something went terribly wrong. Now female Egyptian clones roam the Earth, the clones lust for control and power threatens to destroy the rest of humanity…but the First One, has set out on her own, to correct a wrong…" Explaining itself as "an immersible science-fiction web-series" in a press release, Journey is attempting some interesting experiments in indie web series production and distribution. First of all, each episode clocks in at a whopping half hour and is only available by purchase for $1.99 on the show's website. Second, besides a Facebook fan page and a Facebook fan group page, they have done little to no promotion whatsover for the show (while they did submit a press release to Tubefilter, I actually discovered the show independently, through Facebook). The creator of Journey,

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