Will Conan Be Played by Colossus?

Everyone is understandably curious to learn who will play Conan in director Marcus Nispel's cinematic reboot of Robert E. Howard's mythical conqueror. While attending a 'Twilight' convention this weekend, had an opportunity to speak with Daniel Cudmore — who played Colossus in the 'X-Men' franchise — who revealed a little more info about the Conan remake.

Cudmore said that the new film will be much darker than the Schwarzenegger versions, and that there are currently two contenders for the lead role: himself and Roland Kickinger.

An Austrian by birth, Kickinger is perhaps best known for doubling as Arnold in last summer's Terminator Salvation, and for portraying the Austrian bodybuilder in the biopic See Arnold Run.

Cudmore, on the other hand, is, at 28, younger than Kickinger, and 6'7" tall.

So while one of these guys has the height advantage (Cudmore), the other appears to have a slight breadth advantage

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