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Six to watch – shows set in newsrooms

With news gripping us, The Hour's news-based drama seems prescient. Here are six more shows that caused a splash

It's quite the time for newsmakers at the moment – what with journalists now being the news instead of reporting it. And the BBC's gripping new thriller The Hour is starting to look less like fiction by the day.

While Romola Garai and Dominic West whisk us back to the heady days of clacking typewriters, spinning headline montages and gals in pencil skirts delivering bulletins to serious-looking middle-aged men in horn-rimmed glasses, let's take a look at six of the best newsroom-based shows on the box. I can almost smell the printer's ink from here …

Drop the Dead Donkey – 1990

A fast and furious Channel 4 sitcom that was always filmed close to transmission to really catch the news wave as it crested. Set in the offices of GlobeLink TV News, it featured a collection of lazy,

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