Hgtv Design Star Has Returned – White Box Episode Crazy As Usual

If you're like me, Hgtv Design Star managed to sneak up on you recently, and that's because you don't actually watch a whole lot of Hgtv. And, if you're like me, now that we have two episodes gone, you're really missing Clive Pearse. Nothing against new host Tanika Ray, although if you look at the show's homepage and try to find her (down on the left with a tiny picture), you may get the impression they know Design Star without Clive just feels weird.

At any rate, we just had the White Box episode, and it has proven to be the measuring stick it always is. Some designers still manage, somehow, to make utterly boring rooms, and some stood out as the ones to watch. It's always been the episode where viewers find out who they want to cheer on for the rest of the show, and who is going

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