Fantasia 2011: Die (2011)

Although Dominic James's Die isn't an original thriller, it sure is entertaining and well acted. Nothing less. Nothing more.

In a generic American city, six persons find themselves locked in a dark chamber.

Billionnaire Robert Moretti (Fabio Fulco) raises funds for the needy, but behind closed doors, he likes to get rough on prostitutes.

Mark Murdock (Elias Koteas) is a police detective who wants to commit suicide.

Dr. Diane Robinson (Patricia McKenzie) still can't get over her daughter's death.

Dr. Zach Emmett (Karl Prunner) unintentionally killed a patient by over-prescribing a medication. Besides being under investigation from his professional order, he's been battling depression.

Lisa (Emily Hampshire) lost a lot of dough at the casino and tried to slit her wrist while she was naked in her bathtub.

Melody Chambers (Katie Boland), a prostitute, is a addicted to love and feels that nobody loves her.

Jacob Odessa (John Pyper-Ferguson

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