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Family Demons and Curses: A Movie Review

Director: Ursula Dabrowsky.

Writer: Ursula Dabrowsky.

Family Demons is a Saylavee horror production that will be released in North America through Ifm Films. Rich in family dysfunction, violence and abuse Family Demons has qualities similar to Greek tragedy. In the film Billie (Cassandra Kane) plays the heroine who has a tragic fall due to her philia or love for her mother. Her fall is caused by her philia and a curse that haunts others in her family (mental disorder).

The film is centrally about Billie and the abuse she experiences at the hands of her mother (Kerry Reid). Her abuse continues a cycle of mental illness that actress Kerry Reid brilliantly shows in her alcoholism and neglect for her young daughter. The mother is haunted by her own demons, but it is Billie's failing attempts to reconcile with her mother that drives the show.

The heroine Billie finds hope in

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