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William Shatner's The Captains Review

William Shatner is a hero, an icon, a legend, a source of great and everlasting joy. A top-notch film director, however, he is not.

The True Captain’s previous feature work includes the one Trek flick I’d like to excised from canon (“marshmellons”) and the shockingly ready-for-MST3K train wreck Groom Lake. Mr. Shatner does have a distinct talent for the, how shall one call it, unique interview style. Sadly, there’s not too much you can learn from a one-on-one with Valerie Bertanelli as on his show Raw Nerve, so kudos to whomever put the idea in his head to set down with the other leaders of the Trek franchise and make The Captains.

In short: it’s a pisser. A really strange pisser. For hardcore Trekkies, hearts will sing during Shatner’s rap with Patrick Stewart. After a volley of mutual admiration, Stewart admits that Shatner’s

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