PBS Masterpiece Mystery: Zen “Cabal” Review

Caterina Murino in Zen.

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Kieran Kinsella

Zen “Cabal.” the second of the three part series being aired as part of PBS Masterpiece Mystery’s summer line-up, was the kind of cleverly written tale on twists and turns that even Agatha Christie would have been proud of. The accent issue that proved to be a major distraction during episode one, was less of an issue in this episode since everyone had English accents except for Zen’s mom and of course his love interest (Caterina Murino).

The plot revolved around an apparent suicide that seemed to be a murder but turned out just to be suicide after all but along the way Zen had to contend with corrupt politicians, a corrupt cardinal, a high class prostitute, gangsters and a bitter ex-wife. It was all very

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