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The Way of the West

There's a lot that could have been learned from The Way of the West, unfortunately, the most glaring lesson learned is to never judge a movie by its DVD cover. The cover of The Way of the West, which depicts a ramshackle, Old West-style town in the background, and a gun-slingin' cowboy wearing a duster and cowboy hat in the foreground, is inaccurate, as the film does not take place in an Old West-style town, nor does it have cowboys. It takes place in the late 1800s in the heavily-forested Yukon Territory, and is about a Canadian Mountie. The movie's original title is The Mountie, which is completely spot-on, being about a Mountie. Somebody decided to change the title and overall look of the cover to make U.S. audiences think it's a western movie, which it isn't.


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