Top 10 Christmas Turkeys

Last year we looked at 10 Christmas movie greats (It’s A Wonderful Life, White Christmas, Die Hard), now let’s explore the flip-side.

The formula for a joyful Christmas movie is pretty simple – sentiment, comedy, Christmas cheer. So why are there so many Christmas turkeys? It’s our own fault, at this time of year we become less discerning about what we’ll pay to see, out of a desire to watch something Christmassy. So studios just pump out any old crap with ‘Christmas’ or ‘Santa’ in the title, knowing they’re guaranteed to make a quick buck. Last year’s Four Christmases, say, made a nice cash sum at the box office despite being universally panned.

So while there is an abundance of choice, here are the Top 10 Worst Christmas Movies.

Deck The Halls

Who put Danny De Vito in a Christmas movie and didn’t cast him as an elf?

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