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Connie Hines, a star who let Mr. Ed do the talking

He had the talking horse. Now all Alan Young had to do was find the right woman to play his wife on television's "Mr. Ed." It was a task made simple, the veteran actor said Thursday, the moment he met a young actress named Connie Hines who had moved to Hollywood just two years before and had only a handful of TV appearances on her resume."I was one of the people in the room when we were auditioning for the part," Young, 90, told The Associated Press. "When Connie Hines walked in, we all just looked at each other before she even started speaking and said, 'This is the girl.' She just exuded something . fresh air, I guess you could call it . that we knew would make her perfect for the part."Hines, who died a week ago at age 78, went on to

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