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Protektor Movie Review

Title: Protektor Studio: Film Movement Directed By: Marek Najbrt Written By: Marek Najbrt, Robert Geisler, Benjamin Tucek Cast: Jana Plodková, Marek Daniel, Klára Melísková, Martin Mysicka, Tomás Mechaácek Screened at: Review 2, NYC, 7/27/11 Opens: August 5, 2011 What makes some citizens collaborate with an enemy occupying their country? In the case of “Sarah’s Key,” French police are seen arresting Jews, rounding them up and turning them over to the German transports. In fact, a large part of France known as Vichy was governed by Frenchmen, the excuse being that the French citizens are better off when some of their own kind are in power even if that means hobnobbing...

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