The Killing: episode five

Some suspicious letters and a super-8 film raise the intrigue this week, while Rosie's family are really starting to fall apart

Spoiler alert: This blog is intended for those watching AMC's remake of The Killing on Channel 4. Don't read on if you haven't watched episode five. If you've seen future episodes, don't leave spoilers – and Forbrydelsen fans, please remember that not everyone will have seen the Danish original.

Vicky Frost's episode four blog

Who killed Rosie Larsen?

What do we know?

• Rosie's teacher, Bennet Ahmed, wrote her letters. He did so, he says, because she didn't like to raise her hand in class.

• He met his wife when she was a student. He also used to send her letters.

• Ahmed had access to the campaign cars because of his role as spokesman for Seattle Allstars.

• He has no alibi for the Friday night – he phoned his wife, who was staying with her sister,

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