"Voltron": The Legend Begins - August 16

Classic Media, in collaboration with World Events Productions (Wep), will release the first seven episodes of the 1980's animated, robot-themed, TV action series, "Voltron: Defender Of The Universe" on a brand new DVD, titled "Voltron: The Legend Begins":

"...the saga begins with the origin story, when a brave team of space explorers, 'Keith', 'Lance', 'Sven', 'Hunk' and 'Pidge', search for the keys to five mythical robot lions on the planet 'Arus'.

"Arus has been destroyed by the armies of 'King Zarkon' and his use of giant 'Robeast' monsters created by the witch 'Haggar'. The planet's only hope lies in the discovery of these five robot lions, which combine together to form the mighty robot, 'Voltron: Defender of the Universe'..."

The original "Voltron" cartoon series was created by Peter Keefe in 1983 using material licensed from the Japanese cartoons "Beast King GoLion" and 'Armored Fleet Dairugger Xv".

The producers

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