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Baddies That Need Movie Love: Lady Deathstrike

Yup, it's me, back again with part eleven of my on-going series, Baddies That Need Movie Love; a series of articles where I examine characters in the comic book world that have yet to grace the silver screen. However, there are some characters who deserve a second chance, much like my article on Kingpin a while back. This time, while doing research on which character I wanted to highlight, I was hoping to show off another female. I've previously done an article on Harley Quinn and I felt it was time to go after another femme fatale: Lady Death Strike. Yuriko Oyama is the daughter of Lord Dark Wind (Kenji Oyama), the man who created the process of bonding adamantuim to the skeleton, which was later forced upon Wolverine. Dark Wind, was a former Kamikazi pilot during WWII, and his face was badly scarred in a failed attack on an American battleship.

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