A Brief History of the Weird West in Movies

An interesting sub-genre called the Weird West has been around longer than most people think, and certainly Cowboys & Aliens won’t be the last, but it might be one of the more successful film mash-ups in the rarely talked about genre. First of all, what’s the Weird West? It’s a term used to describe a western that uses sci-fi, horror, or fantasy elements in its narrative. And although it was popularized by authors, especially Joe R. Lansdale, it has had a long history in film dating back all the way to the early 1930s.

Because of the iconic themes and ideals with in the western movie, which often mirrors the fantastical elements in a sci-fi tale, such as (but not limited to) unknown wilderness and the survival of pioneers, and social decay and order, it would not be very long before the two genres merged, given us a

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