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Boiling Point – Short Film Review

Boiling Point is not a film with high production value, pretty faces or showy effects. Boiling Point is at the heart of what the future of great filmmaking is to be, which is exactly the place it has been for some time now… in the hands of passionate indie filmmakers, not held back by a lack of budget or resources. Boiling Point is an indie film, not without it’s flaws, but rich with unrefined morsels of creative talent just waiting to be polished out from within rigid exterior.

Metronome Productions, a student film company based around Edge Hill University, may not be on the average movie watchers’ map, but the drive with which they are attempting to expose their films to the public is what convinced me to have a look at the film, and ultimately to write this review.

Written by Jack Leigh, who also co-directed the film with Sam Bewick,

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