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Le bal des actrices (The Actress' Ball)

Being a movie enthusiast can be depressing for women, especially when "majors" believe they only adore romantic films and, to a lesser extent, comedies. Despite a few plot holes, Le bal des actrices is worth your time. In fact, the film tries - by taking the form of a documentary - its best to address the difficulties that actresses face in the movie industry.

A female movie director (Maïwenn Le Besco) is making a documentary about what it means to be an actress in France with an Hdv camera. In the process, Maïwenn conducts interviews actresses that are either well-known, more or less known and unknown.

Mélanie Doutey, a blockbuster actress, receives a lot of script to read, clothes/jewels from fashion companies (ex: Chanel) to wear at big-shot events and deals from magazines that want to put her face (note from the editor: and what a lovely one!) on their cover.

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