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Saturday Afternoon Trailers: Lollipop Monster, She Monkeys, and Spots

If you love watching movies about extremely unstable young women who are prone to acts of violence and self-destruction, you’re going to simply adore the three trailers embedded below. Instead of creating three separate articles for three movies that essentially share the same theme, I figured I’d simply lump all three together in one place for your collective viewing pleasure. Lisa Aschan’s “She Monkeys” tells the story of Emma and Cassandra, two girls who begin a tumultuous relationship, while Aldo Tardozzi’s “Spots” (aka “Fleke”) is about Lana and Irena, two girls who begin a tumultuous relationship. Ziska Riemann’s “Lollipop Monster”, meanwhile, chronicles the adventures of Ari and Oona, two girls who begin a tumultuous relationship. Thus, a themed post was born. All trailers have been embedded below. Source: Quiet Earth function getVideo() { var so = new SWFObject("

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