Video: Queen Latifah Pokes Fun at 'New Moon' on 2010 People's Choice

Serving as a host to the 36th Annual People's Choice Awards for the fourth time, Queen Latifah didn't miss a chance at parodying "The Twilight Saga's New Moon". During the awards' gala ceremony on Wednesday, January 6, the 39-year-old singer/actress can be seen in a video acting out as Bella Swan in the film's scene where Edward Cullen dumps the mortal beauty.

Giving a ticklish twist to the footage, the Academy Award-nominated actress is captured trying to persuade Robert Pattinson's Edward to host the award show. She continuously riffed off of Pattinson's lines from the film with her hilarious responses. When he finally leaves her, she exclaims, "Fine, disappear. I'll just get the werewolf to do the show." MTV has made available a preview at her spoof video.

Beside the "New Moon" parody, the star of "The Secret Life of Bees" also spoofed 2009 hit indie movie, "Paranormal Activity". The

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