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Phantom Mixes Water with Hauntings: Ed Harris and Andy Garcia to Star

What looms below? A new horror thriller is being developed by K5 Media Group titled Phantom. Terror takes place on a haunted submarine hundreds of feet below the surface. How do you escape a haunted submarine? Ed Harris and Andy Garcia will star, in what is surely a thrilling feature. Also, fans of horror in the deep will not have to wait long as Phantom is set to release in 2012. Enjoy the first poster art for the film here, with cast and crew details below.

The synopsis for Phantom is here:"The haunted Captain of a Soviet submarine holds the fate of the world in his hands. On a seemingly haunted vessel, with a rogue element on board, Captain Zubov is forced to face his past in order to find redemption in the present. But, in the depths of the South Pacific, man and machine are not alone" (Phantom).

Release Date: 2012.

Director/writer: Todd Robinson.

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