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AniMania: Ichi Review

It’s 2010, and while there will be plenty of great anime in the coming weeks and months, AniMania is starting the new year with something a little different by taking a look at the live action sword drama, “Ichi”.

Ichi” is the latest in the long line of works to draw on the Zatoichi blind swordsman mythos, but with a twist. Ichi, the title character, is a beautiful swords-woman, who travels from village to village in search of the only man to ever show her kindness. Along the way, she meets Toma, who at first comes across as a hopeless bungler, dependent on Ichi to get him out of one sticky situation after another. But as time goes on, we learn that he is hiding a tragic past. There just might be more to this clumsy, would-be samurai than his humorous antics let on.

Live action is nothing new, of course.

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