Scott Rosenbaum Hits the Right Chord With 'The Perfect Age of Rock 'n' Roll'

For moviegoers, two topics that seem to never lose their magnetism are fraught relationships between two men as close as brothers and rock 'n' roll. Love and betrayal between the best of friends is high-stakes emotional drama that satisfies human fascination, and rock 'n' roll offers just the right mix of glamour, sex, and danger to grab audiences in concert halls and movie theaters. Director Scott Rosenbaum's debut feature, "The Perfect Age of Rock 'n' Roll," combines these potent threads into a richly entertaining and multidimensional film."It's something I've known I wanted to do my entire life," Rosenbaum says about the film he wrote, directed, and produced—a project he started nearly 10 years ago. A writer and journalism major in college, Rosenbaum had made films at home and in school as much as he could. But after graduating, "I went for the respectable day job and thought that I would.

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