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DVD Review - Lock Up (2010)

Lock Up (Spanish: Cruzando el límite), 2010.

Directed by Xavi Giménez.

Starring Marcel Borràs, Carlos Cuevas, Adolfo Fernández and Cristina Dilla.


A troubled teen is admitted to a high-security rehabilitation centre in an attempt to curb his dangerously wayward behaviour.

What a week it has been for the common folk of England. A week of unprecedented social and political point-taking that has seen the streets implode into an almost post-apocalyptic parody of itself. One in which the disenfranchised youth run rule over their former “oppressors” - the adults. So how fatefully apt that I find myself handed the task of commenting on the Spanish title, Lock Up - a film which seems to echo the troubles of our nation currently. With a DVD containing subtitle impotence and a grasp of the language that spans little further than fast food snacks, I somehow managed to cultivate an understanding of events onscreen.

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