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Claudette Colbert Q&A Pt.3: Lesbian Rumors, Best Movies, The Two Mrs. Grenvilles

Claudette Colbert, John Litel, Paulette Goddard in Mark Sandrich's So Proudly We Hail! (third from the right) Claudette Colbert/James Robert Parish Q&A Pt.2: Since You Went Away, Cecil B. DeMille Movies, Midnight With her film stardom behind her, Claudette Colbert returned to the stage. What was that like for her? Did she miss Hollywood, or was she content with being back on Broadway? Colbert had always adored performing on the stage and wisely decided to return to Broadway where she knew her age would not rule out starring vehicles. The relocation to Manhattan (while her husband Dr. Joel Pressman remained in Los Angeles) suited her strong desire to participate in the chic New York social scene, and to enjoy life in the metropolis where she had grown up. In New York — out of the Hollywood media glare — she was much freer to live life on her own terms.

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