Review of Gary Yates' drug induced heist comedy High Life

Year: 2009

Directors: Gary Yates

Writers: Gary Yates & Lee MacDougall

IMDb: link

Trailer: link

Review by: Marina Antunes

Rating: 8 out of 10

[Editors note: projectcyclops had a similar reaction to the film when he saw it at Eiff.]

With a title like High Life, it’s doesn’t take a genius, or even watching a trailer, to give you an idea what Canadian director Gary Yates’ new film is all about. But just in case…

It’s 1983. Bank machines are being introduced into the banking system and individuals are still carrying their pin numbers in their wallets. Dick is a reformed convict, a bad guy with a drug problem (morphine, it’s legal and the “intelligent addict’s” choice drug) who is trying to live life straight. His buddy Bug, gets out of jail, comes to see him and sends Dick’s pathetic existence into a tailspin. Dick puts together a crew (which includes his buddy Donnie and the pretty faced Billy) and a plan which seems to be perfect.

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