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Get Ready For Slick Old-World Vampire Comedy Lullabye

Around the middle of 2009 Romanian-British vampire comedy attracted a lot of attention in these parts thanks to its very old-world spin on the vampire mythos. It played well here in Toronto with an awful lot of people falling in love with it but there were also those who felt that it played the old-world part of the equation a little too strongly while the horror and comedy both lagged behind. Well, to those people, may I introduce upcoming Polish effort Kolysanka, or Lullabye.

Like Strigoi this is very clearly and Eastern European spin on the vampire mythos. But it also has a fantastic sense of absurdist humor, some fantastic slapstick gags - the vampire spin on a glory-hole is priceless - and a score that sounds as if it could have come from Danny Elfman. Yes, please. Check the trailer below!

In the mysterious circumstances inhabitants and visitors of some picturesque little town disappear.

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