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Who's better Ranbir or Priyanka tis the question?

It was meant to be Priyanka Chopra and Ranbir Kapoor ice-skating together at Central Park in New York for Anjaana Anjaani. the first film couple since John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale in 2001.s Serendipity to be captured on camera gliding on ice at that location.Alas, filmmaker proposes. Actress disposes. Priyanka had to return to India for four days to promote her new film Pyaar Impossible.The ice rink was left clear for Ranbir Kapoor, who for three consecutive nights on January 4, 5 and 6, skated non-stop all night in Central Park. Not just that, Ranbir spent all of the New Year weekend in New York learning how to skate.Says producer Sajid Nadiadwala, .Ranbir.s dedication to get it absolutely right just took our breath away. He is relentless. He had to skate alone because Priyanka had to return to Mumbai. He skated for three nights from 11 pm to 4 am in minus 6 degrees in Central Park.

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