Rich Ross Makes Moves (And Movies) At Disney

Innovation in Hollywood isn't for the faint of heart. Meet Rich Ross, the outsider (from television, no less!) tugging Disney's movie studio into the 21st century. [Update: Now there's even more tugging, following halted production on one of the first big franchises in his stable, "The Lone Ranger."]

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nm2646465 autoRich Ross[/link]'s second summer as Disney's studio chief was starting to look like a dud. He had been in the top job for 19 months, and movies that he'd green-lighted, rather than inherited, were beginning to hit theaters. The first one, a teen dramedy called Prom, had fallen flat a few weeks back, but now it was prime time, the main event, the first punch of a one-two summer combo--Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides and then Cars 2--that would shape the studio's financial fate for the year. The Pirates 4 indicators were particularly discouraging.

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