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Watch Out!: The Fast and the Furious (1955)

I came upon The Fast and the Furious by chance, while going through Roger Corman's filmography. The title obviously caught my attention. The same year Corman directed his western Five Guns West, he produced and wrote the story for this car racing flick. No doubt that these days, the title is more closely associated with Vin Diesel and his preference of American muscle cars over Japanese whaddayacallems (you can see I'm a real grease monkey). This is where that franchise got its name from.

The plot, however, bears no resemblance to the 2001 film or its consequent sequels, though they occupy the same territory of hot wheels, hard babes and misunderstood outlaws. As conceived by Corman, The Fast and the Furious is about a man, played by John Ireland (who also co-directs), who breaks out of jail after being wrongfully convicted of murder and heads for the border, kidnapping Dorothy Malone

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