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Vincent Wants To Sea – The Review

Ah, the call of the open road! The old wanderlust has grabbed many movie characters from Harry and Tonto to the Grisswalds. Some of them hit the road to also fulfill a mission like Jake and Ellwood Blues. And a few are trying to get away from an institution or facility like McMurphy and his guys or Michael Keaton’s Dream Team. The trio in Ralf Huettner’s new film Vincent Wants To Sea encompasses all those groups. This quirky road picture is German-made and is about a European excursion. And like many of these other films, it’s not about the destination-it’s about the journey.

We first meet Vincent ( Florian David Fitz ) attending the funeral of his much beloved Mother. After several unfortunate verbal outbursts, he races out of the memorial service-he has Tourette’s syndrome. Later Vincent’s estranged father, an ambitious politico ( Heino Ferch ), checks him

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