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What TV Show or Movie Would You Remake?

Hollywood loves to remake, reboot and revisit concepts that have been hits in the past. Right now, you can go to your local movieplex and choose between new versions of Fright Night, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Conan the Barbarian or The Smurfs. Meanwhile, this fall you'll be able to tune in to Hawaii 5-o, Prime Suspect or Charlie's Angels on TV.

While there's a lot of remake fatigue out there, there's always the rare project that feels like its worth revisiting. Thus, the topic of discussion in the Ae breakroom this week has been, Is there an older movie or TV show you'd be excited to see a remake for?

Ed Kennedy

Well, you didn't specify television or film, so I'm going with a TV show I miss. I want to see a new version of The Greatest American Hero. There was something so accessible about having the accidental super hero,

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