The Saturday interview: Janet Suzman

Janet Suzman was one of the giants of the British stage in the 60s and 70s. She might have made it in Hollywood too – if she hadn't looked so good in a tiara

'See Pooh bear up there?" says Janet Suzman, pointing to a little doll on the bookshelf. "That was a present from Judi Dench when Josh was born. Isn't it sweet?" We're sitting in what was once her son's nursery at Suzman's Hampstead home. Now little Josh is Dr Joshua Nunn, 30-year-old father to a seven-month-old daughter. He's a postdoctoral research associate at the cool-sounding Ultrafast Group at Oxford's physics department and is currently researching the field of quantum memories. Perhaps Dr Nunn will tell us some day if quantum memories are like the human ones that suffuse this room – memories of 30-year-old kisses and of bedtime stories read by one of the RSC's most seductive voices, all locked,

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