Official U.S. Trailer for IFC Midnight's Julia's Eyes

IFC Midnight just passed along the new trailer and the U.S. VOD release date for producer Guillermo del Toro latest supernatural terror tale, Julia's Eyes (Los ojos de Julia), and we have it right here for you to look at with your own peepers.

Look for the Guillem Morales flick on VOD this Wednesday, August 24th.


Julia returns to Bellevue with her husband to visit her sister, Sarah, who is near blind due to a degenerative illness for which she has unsuccessfully undergone surgery. When they arrive, Julia finds that Sarah has taken her own life and none of her mysterious neighbors seem to be all that surprised. Julia has to confront not only the loss of her sister but also the loss of all hope halting her own impending blindness, as she suffers from the same illness and would appear to be destined for the same end as her sister.

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